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Honeywell Sportsman Club

Desert PCC Match

Wednesday, December 26th

at the Table Mesa "Deep In" Spot

Pistol Caliber Carbines (PCCs) have become increasingly popular in recent years. This will be a fun shoot that combines off-hand and barricade shooting of reactive steel targets.

starts at 7:50 AM
Safety brief and stage walk thru start at 8:00 AM

Bring your PCC. 200 hundred rounds of ammo should be plenty (any type). Semi-auto type weapons and large capacity magazines are best suited for this shoot, however, anything you want to use is fine.

Also bring a CF bolt action rifle with 6mm minimum caliber and a box of ammo.
No FMJs, please for this one.

IMPORTANT: Since this shoot takes a good deal of setup, it doesn't make sense to run the shoot if too few people will come. Therefore please email an RSVP to the host of the shoot to confirm that you are planning to come. If too few people respond, the shoot will be canceled and the RSVP'ers will be notified of the cancellation by return email.

Targets will be steel; most will be within 40 yds. But there will be one stage with long-distance targets. That one we will also shoot with the bolt guns.

Layout of the stages will be similar to what we had for the .22 Rimfire Steel Challenge. Chairs, shade, water and any other refreshments or comforts are up to you.


Introduce friends and family to the fun of shooting sports by inviting them to attend.

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