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Patrol Rifle Match event announcement
August 21, 2018
Results: 300 Yard Rifle Match
August 20, 2018
Results: Combo Silhouette Match #2
August 11, 2018
Takes a look at the bottom of any of our stories. There is a new text block which asks readers if they enjoyed reading the story, to join the NRA to support our website and the Second Amendment.
August 4, 2018
Posted Sam's story, "Bladeology: Another Western Knife Re-Handle Job"
July 29, 2018
Results: .22 Team Speed Silhouette Shoot
July 28, 2018
300 Yard CF Rifle Match event announcement
July 26, 2018
Posted Bennet's story, "Camp Cooking: Bannock Bread"
July 17, 2018
Combo Silhouette Shoot #2 event announcement
July 17, 2018
Results: CF Pistol Silhouette Shoot
July 14, 2018
.22 Team Speed Silhouette event announcement
July 12, 2018
Posted Gerhard's story, "A Taste of Lewis and Clark"
July 11, 2018

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